Wool Wash 300ml

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  • Formulated to clean technical wool base-layers.
  • Enhancing wool’s natural wicking properties.
  • 300ml.
Nikwax Wool Wash is a new product created specially for cleaning and maintaining the natural qualities of wool garments.

This new innovation from Nikwax is a gentle product formulated to clean technical wool base layers whilst enhancing wool s natural wicking properties. Recommended for Merino.

Enhanced rapid drying and wicking qualities.
Wool Wash refreshes and removes odours.
Wool Wash will maintain the softness of your base layer.
Aids the wool garment in keeping you cool in warm weather warm in cold weather and dry in wet and humid conditions to ensure you get maximum comfort.
Easy to use it can be used in a washing machine.
It improves the natural qualities that make wool such an attractive fiber for technical apparel.
Reduces friction between fibres thereby extending the life of your gear.
WaterBased environmentally friendly biodegradable non flammable non hazardous. Does not contain fluorocarbons.
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