Wireless Alarm System (Single Sensor)

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  • 100m operational range
  • Instant setup
  • Features a covert listening mode
CaliberHunting s Wireless Alarm is a reliable and hassle free device specifically designed to serve as an extra pair of eyes in the field. The alarm alerts you to motion and will capably help identify the position of your quarry from up to 100 metres away.

The device s small and lightweight construction is complimented by its impressively easy setup. The sensor attaches to the surface of choice ideally a tree or a fence post with a sturdy strap and will begin operating immediately upon powering up. The receiver unit is attached to your person with its pocket or belt clips and produces a distinct audible sound whenever the sensor detects heat or motion. The receiver sports a handy earphone jack to allow you to listen out via earphones remaining completely covert should something pass by. Completely weatherproof and potentially lasting on the same batteries for weeks on end this alarm system is fully prepared to be engaged in the wilderness. A worthwhile tool for deerstalkers driven game shooters and even for security purposes the CaliberHunting Wireless Alarm is the ideal device to keep you alert prepared and efficient this season.
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