Super VP90 x 1 Sachet

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  • Attract to metal, Ferrous or non-ferrous.
  • Anywhere air can penetrate VP90 will seek out
  • Will work in conjunction with Dessicats
VP90 is a scientifically blended vapour phase inhibitor which releases a controlled monomolecular chemical. It is attracted to all metals both ferrous and non ferrous and it will not adhere to wood plastic or glass. VP90 does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds VOC or Nitrates is a completely dry compound with no odour no oily film and is biodegradable. It is safe to use on even the most delicate parts and will seek out exposed metal even in places that you cannot reach with the oil can the unique dry delivery system can be safely used in cabinets and gun bags. Anywhere air can penetrate VP90 will protect. Which is why it is used in all of Napier gun care products. The Self Healing film is resistant to handling VP90 vapour deposits an invisible mono molecular film which bonds to any exposed metal surface Anywhere air can penetrate Super VP90 will seek out and protect exposed metal surfaces Forms a barrier impervious to attack from moisture and other corrosive elements As VP90 will not absorb moisture it will not dry wooden gun stocks therefore preventing cracking and splitting associated with heaters and dessicants in gun safes. It will work regardless of the atmospheric humidity and can even be used in conjunction with dessicants if required.
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