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  • 10 MP still pictures
  • 36 invisible LEDs
  • 640x480 resolution video recording from 10 to 90 seconds
  • Intelligent Triggering Technology (I.T.T.)
  • Automatic infrared level adjustment  

The Spypoint SMART camera is an intelligent camera equipped with the Intelligent Triggering Technology I.T.T. which allows the camera to analyse movements enabling it to capture better photos. It is also incredibly simple to use. No confi guration is required. Just turn on the camera and select the video or photo mode with a single button. If you want to change the predetermined settings of the camera a simple software is provided to access the setting options from a computer.

ITT Explained
bull Photo Mode On detection one photo is taken. If a new movement is detected by the camera a second photo is taken within 60 seconds after taking the first photo. This mode allows the user to always have a subject on the photo.
bull Video Mode A video of 10 seconds is taken upon detection. If the subject only passes in front of the camera it takes only one video of 10 seconds. If the subject continues to move in front of the camera the video recording is then prolonged by 10 second sections to a maximum of 90 seconds. This mode allows the user to record the best of the action.

The SMART camera has a touch wheel that makes it easy to use. Illuminated the wheel allows you to track the movement of your finger and use the camera anywhere and at any time even at night. Slide your finger on the wheel to navigate through the interface and change options touch the top of the wheel OK to select the desired option.
bull 10 MP still pictures
bull 36 invisible LEDs
bull 640x480 resolution video recording from 10 to 90 seconds
bull Intelligent Triggering Technology I.T.T.
bull Automatic infrared level adjustment
bull Colour pictures amp videos by day black and white by night
bull Date time moon phase and temperature ordm C/ ordm F stamp on pictures
bull Time lapse mode
bull Multi shot mode up to 6 pictures per detection
bull Adjustable operation period
bull Adjustable distance detection sensor 1.5 to 19.8m 5 to 65 rsquo
bull Requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB not included
bull Requires 6 alkaline AA batteries not included
bull Can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack not included
bull Touch wheel
bull 12V power jack
bull Standard frac14 20 rdquo tripod mount
bull An installation strap is included

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