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Shoot N C 6 Bull s eye Target 60 targets

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  • Target Explode with Colour when hit
  • Self Adhesive targets
  • Suitable for all Calibres

Birchwood Casey has been making products for serious shooters since 1948. The Shoot N C line of targets revolutionized the way shooters think about shooting targets. Each Shoot N C target has a special composition that allows the shooter to see bullet holes instantly without the aid of spotting scopes or binoculars. When the target is hit the black coating flakes off leaving a bright halo effect that is extremely visible. Pasters are available so targets can be reused. These targets are great for long range rifle shooting 200 yards and beyond Greater surface area make them the perfect choice for use with muzzleloaders shotgun slugs and to show shotgun mattering. Great for indoor or outdoor use and low light conditions.

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