Salt Paste Anis Tub 2kg

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  • Provides deer with essential salts and minerals
  • Draw deer into an area
Salt paste provides deer with essential salts and minerals that are not available in their natural feed. Minerals are vital for many functions the most recognisable being antler growth hardened antler is approximately 55 mineral and lactation. In most soils and forages many minerals are deficient leaving the deer craving a source. Using Salt Paste will not only help optimise antler growth and lactation but will also draw deer into an area as they actively crave the minerals found at the lick site. While deer have the ability to stockpile calcium and phosphorous this is not true for the majority of other minerals found in antlers. As in humans many trace minerals such as barium aluminum zinc and strontium are toxic in large quantities and must be excreted from the deer s body. As a result these minerals must be consumed in very small quantities on a regular basis.
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