Pro Series Deer Drag

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Easy grip handle - 2 person design One person design to hold behind back and dr. Easily attach to vehicle.

Deer hunting is a passion like no other Opening morning rsquo s anticipation is one of the most exciting events in a deer hunter rsquo s life hellip oh the memories There is however one aspect that hunters cannot overlook dragging the deer out after a successful hunt. We have resolved this strenuous and sometimes dangerous task. Our Pro Series Deer Drag is a one of a kind It offers features that no other company rsquo s deer drag can provide. It also has unmatched strength and dependability.

  • 16 quot all metal handle
  • Easy to hold foam grip
  • PVC coated metal U bracket for attaching the drag strap
  • 5 39 long drag strap with a 6 quot choker style loop at each end
  • Drag strap is made of heavy duty nylon webbing ratchet strap webbing
  • Allows the hunter to easily attach the drag strap to their ATV
  • Compact enough to fit in a backpack to ATV storage compartment
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Pro Series Deer Drag
Pro Series Deer Drag