Prism Mount

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  • Designed for Pulsar digisight riflescope
  • Compact, lightweight and very easy to mount & remove
  • Equipped with a prism 14/200 mount and mounting screws
  • Easily mounts the Pulsar digisight to any Blaser Saddle mount prism or prism claw mount

Pulsar Prism Mount is a lightweight compact and durable mount that is designed for Pulsar digisight riflescope. It use Pulsar 39 s Digisight Prism 14/200 Rifle Mount to adapt Digisight N550 N750 and N770 digital night vision riflescopes so they can be used with Blaser saddle mount prisms or prism claw mounts. It can be mount and remove easily without any difficulty.

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Prism Mount
Prism Mount