Pheasant Game Lady 17

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  • Adjustable gusset for all calf sizes
  • Outsole: Mud-field™
  • Shank: Glass fiber
  • Lining: Coil lining™ + 5mm neoprene
  • Upper: G1® 75 vulcanized natural rubber™
Gateway1 s flagship boots have built in Lynx ICE GRIP on the sole which essentially gives superior grip at any temperature. 5mm neoprene lining comfort rated to 10C The boots come in a Ladies Last not a general unisex Last which aids comfort and fit for ladies. With in depth research into rubber used in wellington constructions and where their weak points are it was decided to use Japan rubber on the top of the range boots which is 2.5 times stronger than a normal rubber construction and is used on the pulleys that haul the nets on Japanese trawlers. 75 Natural Rubber Fully vulcanized with an adjustable back gusset which gives reliability and easy access Cushioned and supportive footbed creates a technical trainer type comfort and of course slows down any heat loss from the sole of the foot.
Comfort rating 10C Extra reinforced foot by Japan rubber . Lynx ICE GRIP secures optimal grip in min. 45C / 30C. Adjustable gusset for all calf sizes. Special developed women s last. Classic design combined with high technology.
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