Highline Wellington Boots In Mahogany

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  • Side calf adjuster for the perfect fit.
  • Flexible warm and comfortable
  • Trak sole unit gives fantastic grip
  • Prominent heel for great downhill braking.
  • Comfort Rating +20 to -20C


A departure from the normal Green / Black welly the Grubs Highlight Mahogany has a real classical look but incorporates the latest in boot technology. The TRAK sole has proved to be superb in soft muddy / snowy conditions as well as on smooth tarmac. This is due to the open tread pattern that that provides sufficient contact area with the ground to suitable on smooth surfaces along with self cleaning treads which make it ideal for use in mud and snow. The heel incorporates a HEXZORB insert which acts like a shock absorber and reduces pressure on the heel. The sole incorporates a 6mm Nitrocell insert to insulate the foot against the cold ground and add further foot cushioning. The clasp to the upper boot upper enables the boot to be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit around varying calf sizes. All year round Dog Walking in a single wellington boot now it can be achieved with the Grubs Highline Mahogany boot.
Features of The Grubs Highline Wellington Boots in Mahogany
  • Removable 6mm NITROCELL footbed A nitrogen bubble structure increases the cushioning and insulation properties of the boots foot bed
  • SUPER DRI lining
  • Natural Rubber Shell
  • Also Featuring the new TRAK outer sole
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Highline Wellington Boots In Mahogany
Highline Wellington Boots In Mahogany