Heavy Duty Gambrel Gambrel

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  • Zinc galvanized to keep it rust free.
  • Rail system that utilizes the weight of the animal to force the hind legs open.
  • Maximum weight capacity - 250kg
The T Hanger features a patent pending guide rail system which utilizes the weight of the animal to force the hind legs open and makes the job of dressing game a little bit easier. Additionally this allows the T Hanger to automatically adjust enough to hang everything from a small Muntjac to large Red Deer and even Boar The T Hanger has no fasteners joints or other weak points and is made entirely from welded steel. Every part of the T Hanger right down to the guide system is constructed this way. The T Hanger is tested and rated for up to 550 pounds of game. The T Hanger also features a five year zinc galvanising to keep it rust free even in the toughest conditions. The unique hanging system also means that when you are butchering your deer and you end up with all the weight hanging on just one hock the gambrel will not tip over but will remain steady If you dress or butcher your own deer then this product is a must have addition to your gear.

Technical Specifications
Height 17 20 inches
Width 12 25 inches
Maximum Capacity 250kg
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Heavy Duty Gambrel Gambrel
Heavy Duty Gambrel Gambrel