Hagopur Premium Attractant Red Deer

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Red deer to scent marks on trees and shrubs at a desired location using steered more attractive. This lure should be so irresistible that they liked most and are accepted on a regular basis. The product should be in its effect a very enormous attraction deer exercise in and faster to the desired hunting success lead them.

The special feature

Unique lure of a combination of intensive hay fragrance and a real natural musk musk grain extract .
Predominantly natural fragrances
The latest scientific findings
The output is variable safe and easy

premium deer attractant is after opening the closure to the desired location such as on trees shrubs and / or near Salt Stone or in the manor area by lightly pressing the bottle and applied sparingly clean.

Contents 500 ml


The bait in the market are mostly based on mainly synthetic fabrics and often do not provide the desired result. premium attractants deer comes from the proven Think tank of the wildlife biologists Dipl.Ing. Hans Werner Siebeneicher and success has been extensively tested with large.
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