Eagle Eye Nitro Force Shooting Rest

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  • Effortless set-up
  • Adjustable resistance
This brand new and innovative rifle rest has been optimally engineered with the aim of enhancing your shot and requires little to no set up in achieving its goal. Operating from a counterbalanced piston system the rest provides user controlled variable tension and implements zero gravity force to offer enhanced movement alongside smoother steadier control of your rifle. The unique design enables rifles to acquire and move between targets perfect for following a running target or picking off multiple quarry in a field.

Quick accurate and with an impeccable efficiency the Nitro Force is the perfect accessory for pest controllers target shooters and those who seek a high end shooting rest with an edge.
MPN 309919-Black
UPC/EAN 0697438124011
Eagle Eye Nitro Force Shooting Rest
Eagle Eye Nitro Force Shooting Rest