Deer trophy plate metal deer mount

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  • The perfect way to mount your trophy.
  • L 115mm x W 35mm x H 25mm.
  • Screw length: 95mm.
The perfect way to mount your trophy.

Place the fixing inside the brain cavity of the Deer with the longer end pointing towards the nose. Slide this longer section down into the part of the skull that leads out towards the nose. Rest the shorter back section of the fixing on the shield. Now place the skull in the desired position on the shield marking the location of the threaded hole on the shield. Now drill a hole through the shield and secure the trophy by tightening the bolt from the rear.

In some instances especially when a very short nose cut has been used it may not be possible to use the fixing. In this instance a two part epoxy carbide body filler may be used to fill the brain cavity.

This substance will set hard within 15 minutes and will readily accept a wood screw with the aid of a small pilot hole to hold the trophy tight to the shield.
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