Chilton Plus Shooting Jacket

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  • AWD technology to distributed the weight evenly and not strain shoulders and neck
  • Offer full length cover but with removable sleeves
  • Cartridge pockets, two internal pockets with heavy duty zips
Now incorporates AWD Active Weight Distribution technology giving an all together more comfortable feel. Weight from pockets full of cartridges and other accessories is evenly distributed through the vest by means of specially incorporated panels. No more heavy strain on the shoulders or neck area. The Chilton Plus shooting jacket is a truly all season garment. It is ideal for all game and clay shooters and in virtually all weather conditions the Chilton Plus is made from double layer fleece in Olive Green with black lining trimmed in dark tan. Chilton Plus offers full length but removable sleeves this unique feature is beautifully tailored so that the zips are concealed and comfortable the jacket can quickly be transformed to a summer Skeet Vest. With our typical British climate never knowing just what to wear is always a problem but not any more change the Chilton Plus from a jacket to vest and back again in just a few seconds. Additional features include 50 bigger reinforced cartridge pockets two internal pockets two way heavy duty zip plus of course completely removable sleeves.
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