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Camo Net 3 x 6m

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  • Extra strong with mesh backing
  • Weight: 2.26kg
  • Size: 6 x 3m

Using lightweight netting and attaching a tough mesh with coated alloy rings creates a very versatile woodland camouflage net.

These nets can be lashed together to create any size you can find a use for.

Product Features

  • Size 6m x 3m approx size
  • UV Treated
  • Non toxic and friendly to our fragile environment
  • Lightweight strong and durable
  • 100 waterproof
  • Rot and mold treated
  • Special leaf cut
  • Quiet and Rustle free
  • Textured fabrics look more natural
  • Special coatings to reduce shine and glare
  • Remains pliable in extreme temperature ranges
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