Blood Tracking Harness

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  • Neoprene inner liner for comfort.
  • Water resistant webbing material.
  • Designed by tracking handlers for tracking handlers.
  • 3 clips

Thick Neoprene inner liner ensures comfortable padding for your
dog. Water resistant webbing material. Dirt and mud resistant
rugged design and material guarantee extreme durability. Innovative
dog tracking equipment developed with input by well known
and experienced blood tracking handlers

Available in 5 sizes XS Dachshund S Beagle M Border Collie
L Labrador XL Giant Schnauzer


Size Table

Size Girth A Girth B
nbsp XS ca. 35 cm 39 ndash 63 cm
nbsp S ca. 42 cm 39 ndash 63 cm
nbsp M ca. 49 cm 54 ndash 91 cm
nbsp L ca. 60 cm 54 ndash 91 cm
nbsp XL ca. 66 cm 54 ndash 104 cm
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Blood Tracking Harness
Blood Tracking Harness