Apex Ready Sled

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  • Weighs 2Kg unloaded.
  • Can be carried by one or two people when loaded.
  • Maximum recommended dragging weight of 150Kg.
The Apex Ready Sled provides a hands free solution to transporting deer carcasses in terrain inaccessible by car. When empty the sled weighs a mere 2kg and is slung over the shoulder when stalking. The sled easily envelopes the carcass which can then be dragged to your vehicle hygienically and with relative ease. It can be carried by one or two people with the lone carrier using a waist tie system to relieve some of the difficulty. The whole thing can be washed after use and when used as directed is capable of transporting up to 150kg over most terrains. Suitable for all types of UK deer.
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Apex Ready Sled
Apex Ready Sled