Apex Finder Keepers 4 Large Pack B

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  • Pack of 4 FKs
  • 2 White and 2 Orange
Apex Finders Keepers are Hi Visibility flat profile silicone outdoor gear identifiers and hand grips.
Designed to be easily attached to virtually all outdoor equipment and offered in 2 sizes.
The Smaller for knives small torches and hand tools and the larger for radios Smartphones axes etc and for use as keyring attachments.
Anyone who has stalked gathers timber in the woods or just enjoys the countryside knows how easily things get lost especially at last light and in deep leaf litter. Many an expensive knife has been lost in this way.
Car keys are particularly prone and once dropped can be virtually impossible to re locate. An old trick passed on by a stalking friend of tying a hankie to ones car keys just in case Initially led to the development of the new FKs.
Being made from strong but low stretch silicone and supplied in bright orange and white they stand out and can be seen easily in natural light and by torchlight.
The flat inner profile ensures that once attached they don t simply roll off as would happen with a round O ring. This feature also allows the rings to be inverted and be written on with a permanent marker just add your name telephone number or postcode to identify your property and increase the chances of lost kit being returned.
There are hundreds of uses for the FKs as they can be attached to many objects of all shapes and sizes from a small torch to the largest Smartphone.
They also provide excellent grip on tools walkie talkies and phones.
FKs are also highly heat resistant and several can be attached to the handles of BBQ cookware to safely insulate the user from high temperatures.
An additional benefit is that by using both the Orange and White FKs tongs spatulas and cookware etc can be kept separate for cooked or raw food helping avoid the all too common contamination that leads to food poisoning.
Of course when used on such cookware a gut hook or gralloching knife it is important that these can be cleaned effectively so FKs can be sterilised in boiling water and are dishwasher safe.
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Apex Finder Keepers 4 Large Pack B
Apex Finder Keepers 4 Large Pack B