Magnum Resetting Popper Target

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  • Constructed of AR-500 steel for incredible durability
  • Target falls back when hit and automatically resets
  • Designed to be shot at a minimum of 100 yards
  • Base of frame sits 18cm off the ground
  • Complete with freestanding frame, popper shape target and ground stages

Caldwell 39 s Magnum Resetting Popper Target is constructed with premium AR 550 steel for uncompromising durability. AR 550 is simply the finest target steel available on the market. It comes complete with free standing frame popper shape target 36cm tall by 10cm wide and ground stakes. The base of the frame sits approximately 18cm off the ground. When the target is struck with a bullet it falls backward and is automatically reset with the integrated reset spring. It is designed to be shot at a minimum distance of 100 yards for maximum life expectancy IMPACT velocities of 3000 fps or below and IMPACT energies of 3100 ft lbs or less are recommended. Targets are constructed of industrial grade AR 550 steel. Complete with frame target and ground stakes. Automatically resets with integrated spring.

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