4 Pk Double Sided Roe Target

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  • Pack of 4
  • Double sided target. One side features an anatomical overlay to examine shot accuracy and placement
  • Printed on high-quality 200gsm paper stock

This 4 pack of Bushwear 39 s Double Sided Roe Targets has been specifically designed to improve your shot placement. The reverse side sports an overlay of the skeletal structure and organ placement of a roe deer in perfect alignment with the target side so you can assess the outcome of your shot. The anatomy has been colour coded and features an accompanying information chart to review the effectiveness of your shot at a glance. Practice now with these incredibly detailed targets and become the most efficient stalker you can be.

  • 75 size of an adult roe deer
  • 25 x 36 inches
  • Zeroing targets 8 x 8 inches
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4 Pk Double Sided Roe Target
4 Pk Double Sided Roe Target