The Bush Chair Hide

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  • Two way zips to give the desired amount of visibility.
  • Comes with convenient carry sack and weighs just 6kg.
  • Dimensions:130cm x 85cm x 115cm.
The Bush is an ingenious one man hide so light you can easily carry it to and from your hunting ground. The hide is comprised of a comfortable folding armchair with a sprung steel and fabric canopy. The fabric is lined with a black out membrane to stop back light from highlighting your movements and additionally making the hide almost totally waterproof. The fabric is not seam sealed and the mesh windows mean the hide will never be totally waterproof.

The hide can be fully deployed in literally seconds and the arm chair is so comfortable you can happily sit for hours. There is mesh covered viewing windows on the sides and back of the hide to allow you to see clearly what is going on around you. The entire hide comes in a convenient carry sack and weighs just 6kg.

We have specially designed the Bush to be perfect for both rifle and shotgun sports. When deer stalking or vermin shooting with your rifle simply get yourself comfy in the chair then adjust the size of the opening with the two way zips to give the desired amount of visibility. When pigeon shooting where unobstructed shooting and maximum visibility is essential simply fully unzip the front opening and use the adjustment strap on the hide to pull the canopy back further. This adjustment to the hide gives you a huge opening ensuring you have an unobstructed arc of fire and can take standing shots with ease. The chair has even been made with holders sewn into the arms to hold both a box of cartridges and a drink.

Game will never suspect you are resting comfortably in your easy chair perfectly concealed and protected from rain and wind.

Dimensions 130cm x 85cm x 115cm
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The Bush Chair Hide
The Bush Chair Hide
The Bush Chair Hide