Spray 70g midge repellent

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  • Not only used to keep mosquitoes at bay, but works equally effectively against fleas, ticks, flies and gnats
  • Contains diethyltoluamide commonly known as Deet
  • 150g Spray.
Tabard is a household name in southern Africa. A world class mosquito and insect repellent Tabard has remained the best known brand in its category in southern Africa for decades. All Tabard variants are manufactured in South Africa under Medicine Control Council regulations.
Tabard is not only used to keep mosquitoes at bay but works equally effectively against fleas ticks flies and gnats. The brand is available in various convenient formulations including stick lotion and an ozone friendly aerosol spray.
Its active ingredient diethyltoluamide commonly known as Deet. What Deet does is provide a long lasting protective and virtually invisible film over the area of skin to which the product is applied. This film has the effect of repelling insects away from the user.
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