NO Tick Wash in Repellent 250ml

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  • Season long protection
  • Treats 25kg of clothing
  • Protects for approx. 20 washes
  • 250ml
With NO Tick Wash in Repellent you can wash any garment just once to get season long protection from Ticks Midges and Mosquitoes. The dangers ticks and Lyme disease pose to the rural community has rapidly come to the fore.
Using revolutionary Nanotechnology pioneered in Portugal the world renowned IR3535 repellent is bound to the very fabric your garments are made from. It is so simple to use just apply via the fabric softener draw in the washing machine during a normal wash cycle. The liquid will treat 1kg of clothing per 10ml of solution so this 250ml sachet will treat 25kg of clothing which is basically 5 loads of washing in a standard machine. Once treated the garment will provide protection for approximately 20 more washes which for most garments is easily a season of use.
Protect yourself from ticks and the unwanted attention of midges and give your existing trusty kit a face lift with our NO Tick Wash in Repellent.
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